At SOUTH PERTH COUNSELLING SERVICES we provide Counselling, Psychotherapy, Psychological Treatment, Assessments, Reports and Medico Legal Reports to those experiencing personal, relationship, crisis, legal or work related difficulties nationally across Australia. Our vision is to assist individuals, couples and adolescents with interpersonal challenges, to improve quality of life, move through life cycles more effectively and help them to explore and achieve their short and long term goals. Medicare now supports local, rural and national remote sessions for eligible clients who gain a Mental Health Care Plan referral from their GP. Our mature and highly skilled Practitioners also specialise in providing Medico-legal Psychological Assessments, Reports and Treatment Plans for Legal Agencies, Victims of Crime, Partner Visas whom have experienced Domestic Violence or Insurance Cases. Additionally we provide Psychological Assessments for Adults/Teens presenting with Neurodiverse Conditions (Autism Spectrum, Aspergers &/or Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorders)

PLEASE NOTE: WE WILL BE CONDUCTING ALL SESSIONS VIA VIDEO LINK UP (or Telephone) until further notice. Please ensure you book a VIDEO or TELEPHONE SESSION (WhatsApp) via our Halaxy Bookings Link above and have downloaded WhatsApp ready for your appointment time. Thank you for your understanding in advance.

Medicare & Private Health Rebates (if you are eligible under a Mental Health Care Plan Referral from your GP or have coverage for ‘Registered Psychologists’ under your Private Health Fund) still apply as NORMAL to all appointments via Telehealth (Video/Telephone Sessions). For Cancellations, Non Attendances or Rescheduling appointments at our clinic, please note we have Strict Policies in place (unless emergency or illness) so please ensure you provide at least 48 Business Hours Notice to any changes, otherwise a cancellation fee will apply to your account.

medicarelogo Medicare REBATES, Private Health Fund or EAP REBATES may apply. See your GP, Private Health Provider or Employer (HR) for information or referral. For Medicare Rebates for those patients referred by their GP under a Mental Health Care Plan, patients generally receive a Rebate of between $92 and $230 back from Medicare which generally enters patients bank account the following day. The rebate amount received depends on your current Medicare Threshold. Please speak directly to Medicare Services to ascertain your exact rebate for your session. For those attending as Private Patients, please contact your Private Health Fund Provider to check whether your specific policy covers you for Registered Psychologists and the Rebate provided.

PLEASE NOTE: Fees are to be PAID IN FULL on the day of your appointment (unless you have provided formal approval from your employer or insurer for payment of sessions). WE DO NOT PROVIDE QUOTES or APPOINTMENTS over the PHONE. See below for Schedule of Fees Table. Whilst we can provide reduced fees in some rare cases (ie: Should your financial situation change significantly over the course of therapy), these circumstances are assessed during the session appointment at the discretion of our therapists, may only be a temporary measure until your financial situation improves or a new therapist is found to suit your financial circumstances. Please be aware reduced fees are often limited if we have reached ‘full capacity’. PLEASE BE AWARE – WE DO NOT OFFER BULK BILLING SERVICES. If you are seeking a Considerable Fee Reduction for Psychological Services, PLEASE DO NOT BOOK an appointment at our clinic and contact your local ‘NOT FOR PROFIT’ or ‘PUBLIC HEALTH’ Agency for Psychological Services at Reduced or Bulk Billing Rates. Please note there is generally a wait list for these services.

For ALL NEW CLIENTS, Please ensure you book your appointment at least 3 days ahead as we have stringent screening processes (Intake Forms) in place to ensure that patients have been appropriately referred by their GP or are deemed suited to the services offered at our clinic. We have the right to refuse your case and appointment and refer you to ‘an alternative agency’ or ‘back to your GP’ as a means to provide ‘the best possible care to client needs and their presenting conditions’. PLEASE NOTE: We DO NOT TOLERATE clients who engage in hostile, aggressive or abusive behaviour directed toward any staff member at our clinic and this will result in an ‘immediate termination of services’ and a formalised handover process to a better suited therapist or program.

What is the difference between Counselling & Psychotherapy?

Counselling is considered a ‘focused, short to medium term solution-oriented process’ when clients may have experienced an intermittent interpersonal life crisis such as following the illness or death of a loved one, a pet, an intimate relationship/family member or friendship breakdown, a workplace challenge, job loss, being bullied at school or at work, have faced a psychological/physical threat or trauma, have been diagnosed with a physical health condition, terminal illness or medical threat, experienced a parenting crisis or a blended family issue or experienced a financial challenge as a result of their current circumstances which may require grief and supportive counselling for that specific period or many over the course of their lifetime. Most people will experience at least a few or multiple life crises at certain periods in their lives and as a result, the level of their counselling and support requirements will depend entirely on their support network, social relationships, gender, sexual identity, cultural factors and resources. Generally, clients seek out counselling during these periods so they can effectively move through these life cycle phases or circumstances with the required assistance, resources, information and support from a range of health professionals. Some may require additional specialised support networks from a range of community services to assist them to move through the process effectively. They may be suffering from shame, guilt, sadness, powerlessness, frustration and/or confusion as a result of their experience or current circumstances which requires a sounding board to process these feelings or regain their power to move forward toward a more ideal situation in their life. Many clients report a considerable improvement in their circumstances as a result of seeking out counselling during these times of interpersonal crisis.

Psychotherapy and Psychological Intervention however is usually a longer-term therapeutic process and allows for the deeper exploration of the origins of the difficulty, patterns of behaviour, core beliefs, relational style, personality traits and situational factors which may be impacting and negatively affecting client’s lives. Psychotherapy aims to increase an individual’s sense of their own well-being and may uncover patterns of historical anxiety, persistent depressive symptomology or chronic mental health issues which require longer term treatment, support, interpersonal processing and external mental health programs and services to assist them to fast track their recovery, daily functioning and goal achievement. It also assists clients to understand the human behaviour of those around them which may have negatively impacted their lives and/or subsequently has resulted in an adverse trauma experience for them, affected their interpersonal development or overall life journey. Our psychotherapists and psychologist employs a range of techniques based on experiential relationship and skills building, dialogue, communication and cognitive behavioral techniques that are designed to improve the mental health of a client or to improve group relationships (such as in a family or intimate partnership).

For further information See our FAQs and FACT SHEETS Pages.

Our Team

Nicole Loseby Senior Psychologist

BSc (Psych.), BPsych, MAPS – Curtin University of W.A

PROVIDER No. 4487938J (Fremantle)

Working With Children Check (WWC)


Nicole Loseby (Principal Senior Psychologist)

Nicole is a Fully Registered Psychologist and has been working within her own private practice for 20 years. Nicole has a dedicated, friendly, natural, positive, respectful and professional approach when assisting clients along their therapeutic journey which is evident from her large client base. Not only does Nicole provide a ‘Safe Space’ for clients to explore their specific interpersonal challenges but she has also developed extensive experience and therapeutic success in counselling adolescents, adults and couples from a diverse range of backgrounds. Whilst Nicole utilises a range of Psychological Evidence Based Treatment modalities, her training, knowledge and background encompasses a more Humanistic, Client Centred, Solution & Emotionally Focussed therapeutic style. She bases her psychotherapuetic methods predominantly around the invaluable work from multiple highly influential, well known & successful Research Based pioneering Psychologists which include the following:

Rogerian Therapy (Humanistic Focussed & Person Centred Psychotherapy). Dr Carl Rogers (1940-1990s) a pioneering Psychologist developed his psychotherapuetic approach in the 1940s believing that successful therapists utilise the core conditions of empathy, congruence and unconditional positive regard which allows the client to feel safe enough to access their own potential, go at their own pace and subsequently improve their functioning and strengths in order to flourish. Merely a mirror approach which has a stronger long lasting effect on interpersonal growth and survival

Dr Sue Johnson’s (1968-2024) Emotionally Focussed Therapy (EFT) Model for Couples & the Emotionally Focussed Individual Therapy (EFIT) Model for Individuals. Dr Johnson’s model encompasses engaging and guiding clients to uncover their base ‘Primary Emotions’ rather than Secondary Emotions which brings them closer to the top tier of Self Actualisation and Interpersonal Self Awareness on Abraham Maslow’s The Hierarchy of Needs Model which enhances a stronger connection with their bonding partners. Dr Johnson is a British Clinical Psychologist, Couples Therapist and Author living and working in Canada. She is known for her work in the field of psychology on bonding, attachment and adult romantic relationships. Dr Johnson showed successfully in her psychological treatment data that no amount of the standard psychological training models work better than EFT & EFIT for couples and individuals which she refers to in her pioneering book ‘Hold Me Tight’ and that without revolving the wounds of childhood, physical health issues can prevail.

John Bowlby’s Attachment Theory (1954-1990s) and in particular related to working with adults striving for closer connections and intimate partnership bonding.

Martin Selegman’s Positive Psychology Approach encouraging therapists to focus on patient’s Strengths & Virtues rather than their Challenges and subsequently shifting through the life cycles effectively and

Professor Arthur Brooks (Social Scientist and Researcher @ Harvard University) in relation to his Happiness Model.

Nicole’s success is likely the result of ongoing personal and professional development which she continues to update enthusiastically on a regular basis.

Nicole is eligible for Medicare and Private Health Rebates.

Lisa Admin

Nicole predominantly sees clients attending for the following:

General Counselling following an Interpersonal Challenge, Relationship Issue or the Loss of a Loved one

Patients referred by their GPs, Psychiatrist or other Allied Medical Professional under Mental Health Care Plans to gain psychological treatment for a temporary, prolonged or chronic Mental Health Condition

Self-Referred clients who wish to claim a Rebate from their Private Health Fund or those seeking Anonymity

Employees facing physical &/or psychological distress following a Workplace Incident (Bullying, Discrimination etc) or a MV Accident

Autism Spectrum, Aspergers & ADD/ADHD Formal Assessments for Adults & Teens

The General Public for Life Coaching

Business Owners or Managers seeking Professional/Life Coaching to improve their interpersonal skills and effectively achieve their professional goals

High profile clients who are seeking Confidential Psychological Support or Life Coaching

Health Practitioners seeking Professional Supervision, Counselling, Psychotherapy or Life Coaching

Health Practitioners who have received a public complaint and as a result are required by the Australian Health Practitioner Registration Agency (AHPRA) to undergo Professional Supervision in order to address any non-compliance issues and improve their skills under their specific professional guidelines

Those who have experienced a Motor Vehicle Accident and claiming Psychological Services via their Insurer and may require a Psychological Report & Treatment Plan for a pending legal case

Those who are/have been the victim of Domestic Violence within their intimate relationship and wish to make a Criminal Injuries Compensation Claim or those under a Spousal Partner Visa who require a Psychological Assessment & Report to gain an exemption to remain in Australia as a Permanent Resident

Those who have been the Victim of a Violent Crime and require a Psychological Assessment & Report for a Criminal Injury Compensation Claim

Those who have been charged with a Crime and require a Psychological Report or MHCP Referral for Treatment under an S14 Application for Legal Purposes in order to potentially eliminate or reduce their charges, community or prison sentence under the Mental Health and Cognitive Impairment Forensic Provisions Act 2020

Fitness for Work Assessments. At times, Employers may request their employee attend our clinic for a ‘Fitness for Work Mental Health Assessment if it is determined that they may be unable to undertake or perform their essential duties for their working role.

General Medico-Legal Assessments

Consistent feedback from the Medical, Legal, Private/Public Community Services and Clients utilising our service over the last 20 years has revealed that staff at SOUTH PERTH COUNSELLING SERVICES have consistently upheld a valued, positive, competent, ethical, diligent and professional reputation within the community not only procedurally but therapeutically which likely results from staff being handpicked by management as holding ‘exceptional self awareness, therapeutic and counselling skills’ in conjunction to staff regularly updating their skills by utilising the latest evidence based practice techniques. Clients report a significant improvement in their general well being, ability to handle stress better, moving easier through life phases and the development of more effective coping skills with support from our team of therapists.

REBATES MAY APPLY to all bookings with our Psychologist.

Medicare Rebates may apply to those referred by their GP under a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP – up to 20 rebated sessions annually). Contact your GP to arrange a double consultation appointment to discuss and see if you are eligible. Rebates are dependent on your Current Medicare Threshold.

Private Rebates may apply (Check with your Private Health Fund for your Specific Coverage and ensure you are covered for ‘Registered Psychologists’).

PSYCHOLOGIST FEES (Medicare & Private Rebates apply)

50 minute Individual Medicare Rebated Session (GP referred) Out of Pocket Expense (Dependent on your Medicare Threshold) $35 – $175
50 minute Individual Medicare Rebated Session – Student/HCC Holder (GP referred) Out of Pocket Expense (Dependent on your Specific Financial Circumstances assessed during Initial Session and Medicare Threshold) $15 – $155
50 minute Student Session – Private (Dependent on your Specific Financial Circumstances assessed during Initial Session) $245
50 minute Individual Session – Private $265
100 minute EMDR Session (Trauma or Debilitating Conditions – Current Patients ONLY) $530
50 minute Professional/Life Coaching – Private $265
50 minute Couple Session – Private $350
3 hour Couple Session – Save your Relationship $950
50 minute Medico-Legal Individual Session (+ GST) $265
Psychological Assessments (per 100 minutes) $490/$530
Psychological Reports – From $500-$3000


PLEASE NOTE: Report Fees can be paid once your Injuries Claim is Settled in ‘some cases’. Discuss with your Psychologist during your Initial Assessment Session. Psychological Report Fees Range from $800-$3000 depending on the type of report required and time taken to complete.

PLEASE NOTE: Fees are to be PAID IN FULL on the day of your appointment. WE DO NOT PROVIDE QUOTES over the PHONE. Whilst we do offer reduced fees (in some cases – dependent on your financial circumstances), these are assessed during your initial session appointment at the discretion of our therapists are often limited if we have reached ‘full capacity’. Prices subject to change without prior notice. WE DO NOT OFFER BULK BILLING SERVICES. If you are seeking a Considerable Fee Reduction for Psychological Services, PLEASE DO NOT BOOK an appointment at our clinic and contact your local ‘NOT FOR PROFIT’ or ‘PUBLIC HEALTH’ Agency for Psychological Services at Reduced Rates. Please note there is generally a wait list for these services.

Our practitioners at SOUTH PERTH COUNSELLING SERVICES are all experienced, qualified professionals. All counselling sessions are held in the strictest confidence and our centre is committed to providing a high quality of care within a professional, compassionate & respectful environment. Whilst we accept GP Referrals, we also accept Private Cases where a Health Practitioner has been the subject of a Formal Complaints Process by their Regulatory State or National Board and facing significant interpersonal challenges perhaps to their ‘confidence’, professional reputation or this is impacting their family, mental health and livelihood as a result.

We accept formal or informal referrals for those clients seeking Psychological Assessments (Autism Spectrum, Aspergers, ADD/ADHD & Neurodiverse Conditions as well as Borderline Personality Disorder Formal Assessments for Adults), Medico-Legal Assessments or Rehabilitational Treatment Plans as covered or required by the following agencies:

  • Private Health Funds
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Work Cover or Risk Cover
  • The Australian Insurance Commission (ICWA)
  • The Criminal, Family or Civil Court of W.A
  • Criminal Injuries Compensation for Victims of Crime or a Crime causing the Death of a Loved One
  • Spousal Visa applications where Domestic Violence has been perpetuated by the Sponsor partner
  • Dealing with an AHPRA Notification (Formal Complaint). Advice, Support, Professional Coaching and Responding to your Notification

IMPORTANT NOTE: We DO NOT Provide Psychological Treatment, Professional Supervision or Reports for the following clients:

  • NDIS Child & Adult Cases
  • The Department for Veteran Affairs
  • Some Family Court Cases
  • Chronically Suicidal – Attempts/Ideation (unless seeing a Psychiatrist or Formalised Treatment Program relating to their condition)
  • Whilst we provide Psychological Assessments, we do not provide treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) Patients. Generally not suited to Individual Therapy (depending on level of condition) – Contact Perth Clinic or The Marion Centre for the Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) Program
  • Acute Psychiatric Conditions ie: Schizophrenia, Dissociative Disorder or Complex Trauma Cases
  • Psychological Supervision for those requiring AHPRA Board Appointed Registration (4+2 Program)
  • Clients who score HIGH on THE ACE ASSESSMENT (Intake Form Provided upon booking)
  • Parents seeking Educational or Comprehensive Clinical Psychological Assessments for their children

    *Please refer to Psychological and Educational Consultancy Services (PECS), The Brain Box, or The Cygnet Clinic for these Formal Child Educational Assessments and please be aware that there are often considerable costs surrounding these types of assessments. If you are seeking a Psychological Learning & Educational Assessment for your child who displays ADHD, Dyslexia, Dysphraxia, Gifted traits or any other Learning/Cognitive Challenge affecting them – Please contact Local Psychologist Terry Andrews at Black Swan Psychology Willetton on 0416 863 658. Alternatively, if financial restraints prohibit your ability to pay for Assessment/Report costs, please contact your local public child health service to be placed on their waitlist.

We are not an emergency, after hours, suicide or crisis service. Please contact your local hospital emergency department or mental health unit if you are feeling physically or psychologically unsafe.

We also have a range of Employee Assistant Provider (EAP) Programs to suit small to medium businesses.

At SOUTH PERTH COUNSELLING SERVICES, we are a Carbon Neutral Business. Help us given Mother Nature relief. We celebrate actions that contribute to the healing of the planet.

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