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IMPORTANT UPDATE: Due to the current Govt Health Restrictions in response to the COVID-19 Virus Containment & Social Isolation Policies, we are offering a combination of Face to Face appointments (if this is your preference) and ‘Video Linkup’ (WhatsApp) sessions. If you have recently returned from overseas, have a dry cough or been exposed to the COVID-19 virus, please ensure you book a ‘Video Link Up’ Appointment until you have self isolated for 14 days. Medicare & Private Health Rebates still apply as NORMAL to all appointments. If you are experiencing a change in your financial circumstances as a result of COVID-19 restrictions, please contact our Receptionist to discuss a temporary reduction in fees so that you can still gain the support you need in this challenging time.

medicarelogo Medicare REBATES, Private Health Fund or EAP REBATES apply. See your GP, Private Health Provider or Employer (HR) for information or referral.

At SOUTH PERTH COUNSELLING SERVICES we provide counselling, psychotherapy and psychological services to those experiencing personal, relationship, crisis or work related difficulties. Our vision is to assist individuals, couples, children and families with interpersonal challenges, to improve quality of life, move through life cycles more effectively and help them to explore and achieve their short and long term goals. Individual, family or group interventions are available at our offices in Applecross. Home visits, onsite workplace critical incidents or remote video linkup sessions are also available for crisis intervention or those who are unable to attend our offices physically due to injury or distance. Medicare now supports rural remote sessions for eligible clients who gain a Mental Health Care Plan referral from their GP. Our mature and highly skilled Practitioners also specialise in providing medico-legal psychological assessments, reports and treatment plans for legal or insurance cases.



Our Team

Nicole Loseby Psychologist

BSc (Psych.), BPsych, MAPS – Curtin University of W.A

PROVIDER No. 4487935A (Applecross)

Working With Children Check (WWC)


Nicole Loseby (Principal Psychologist)

Nicole is a Fully Registered Psychologist and has been working within her own private practice for 17 years. Nicole has a dedicated, friendly, natural, positive, respectful and professional approach when assisting clients along their therapeutic journey which is evident from her large client base. Nicole has developed extensive experience and therapeutic success in counselling children, adolescents, adults and couples from a diverse range of backgrounds. Her success is likely the result of ongoing personal and professional development which she continues to update enthusiastically on a regular basis.

Nicole is eligible for Medicare and Private Health Rebates

Anne Becker Counsellor

BSc (Psych.), Grad Dip (Educ.), Phd (Phil.), MAPS.

Fluent in Japanese

Working With Children Check (WWC)


Anne Becker (Qualified Counsellor)

Anne has a broad range of counselling and psychological skills as a result of working extensively with adults, teenagers and children in her past roles within a therapeutic, mentorship and supportive environment over the last 30 years. Her gentle, calm, confident and compassionate demeanour assists clients to work through the psychotherapuetic process safely and at their own pace, empowering themselves yet leaving each session with some tools to assist and improve their situation. Anne has a natural counselling ability which puts clients at ease and is particularly skilled with young people and parents given her teaching background prior to Psychological Qualifications. Anne has extensive nationwide Qualifications, Diploma’s and Accreditations from a wide variety of Universities which have included Distance Education, Advocacy, Mentoring young girls and her students to build self-worth and confidence in order to lead successful lives within the community which included common issues such as enhancing peer and family relationships, body image, leadership and making positive choices. Whilst Anne assists with a broad range of psychological and life challenges she has a special gift in working with adults and children who have experienced trauma and grief. Anne also works particularly well with those clients whom have experienced Child Sexual Abuse. Specifically her current goal is to combine her counselling practice with a part time role as an Educational Psychologist within local private and public schools.



At SOUTH PERTH COUNSELLING SERVICES we provide counselling, psychotherapy and psychological services to those experiencing personal, relationship, and work related difficulties. Our vision is to assist individuals, couples, children and families to deal with interpersonal challenges, to improve quality of life and help them to explore and achieve their long term goals.

Consistent feedback from the Medical, Legal, Private/Public Community Services and Clients utilising our service over the last 15 years has revealed that staff at SOUTH PERTH COUNSELLING SERVICES have consistently upheld a valued, positive, competent and professional reputation within the community not only procedurally but therapeutically which likely results from staff being handpicked by management as holding ‘exceptional self awareness, therapeutic and counselling skills’ in conjunction to staff regularly updating their skills by utilising the lastest evidence based practice techniques. Clients report a significant improvement in their general well being, ability to handle stress better, moving easier through life phases and the development of more effective coping skills with support from our team of therapists.

REBATES APPLY to all bookings with our Psychologist.

Medicare Rebates apply to those referred by their GP under a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP – 10 annually). Contact your GP to arrange a double consultation appointment to discuss and see if you are eligible.

Private Rebates may apply (Check with your Private Health Provider for your specific coverage).

PSYCHOLOGIST FEES (Medicare & Private Rebates apply)

50 minute Individual Medicare Rebated session (GP referred) Out of Pocket Expense $84 – $160.20
50 minute Student session/HCC Holders (dependant on financial circumstances assessed during initial session) $220
50 minute Individual Medicare Rebated session – Student/HCC Holder (GP referred) Out of Pocket Expense $7 – $134
50 minute Individual session $245
50 minute Couple or Family session $250
3 hour Couple session – Save your Relationship $950
50 minute Medico-Legal Individual session (+ GST) $245
Psychological Assessments (per 50 minutes) $245
Psychological Reports – From $1500

PLEASE NOTE: Report Fees can be paid once your Injuries Claim is Settled in some cases. Discuss with your Psychologist.

COUNSELLOR FEES (No Rebates apply)

50 minute Individual session 50 minute Individual session feeee $180
50 minute Couple or Family session $195

PLEASE NOTE: Fees are to be PAID IN FULL on the day of your appointment. If claiming on Medicare, book a double appointment with your GP to discuss your eligibility for a Mental Health Care Plan. The Medicare Rebate range depends on your current Medicare Threshold. If claiming on your Private Health Fund, please check with your Health Provider for your specific cover. Prices may be subject to change without prior notice.

Our practitioners at SOUTH PERTH COUNSELLING SERVICES are all experienced, qualified professionals. All counselling sessions are held in the strictest confidence and our centre is committed to providing a high quality of care within a professional, compassionate & respectful environment. We accept formal or informal referrals for those clients seeking Psychological Assessments, Medico-Legal Assessments or Rehabilitational Treatment Plans as covered or required by the following agencies:

  • Private Health Funds
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Work Cover or Risk Cover
  • The Australian Insurance Commission (Third Party)
  • The Criminal, Family or Civil Court of W.A
  • Criminal Injuries Compensation

IMPORTANT NOTE: We DO NOT Provide Psychological Treatment or Reports for the following patients:

  • The Department for Veteran Affairs
  • Some Family Court Cases
  • Chronically Suicidal (unless seeing a Psychiatrist or Formalised Program relating to their condition)
  • Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) Not suited to Individual Therapy – Contact Perth Clinic for the Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) Program

We are not an emergency after hours suicide crisis service. Please contact your local hospital emergency department or mental health unit if you are feeling physically unsafe.

We also have a range of Employee Assistant Provider (EAP) Programs to suit small to medium businesses.




Willetton Location


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