Medico-Legal Services

At South Perth Counselling Services our Psychologist provides and is specialised in the following Independent Psychological Assessments and Reports for LEGAL, Criminal Injury Compensation Applications or for MEDICAL purposes:

Work Cover, Risk Cover, Motor Vehicle Injury, Workers Compensation Cases, Criminal Injuries Compensation Cases, Spousal Abuse (for those under a Partner Visa), Redress Claims (Institutional Abuse) or those facing a pending Criminal Conviction

Once referred by your GP, Employer, HR department, Legal Representative, Insurer, ‘Criminal Injury Compensation Caseworker’, ‘Victims of Crime/Domestic Violence Advocate’ or you are seeking a Psychological Assessment and Report independently (self referred), our Psychologist can assist with support, psychotherapy, pain management, research based ‘return to work practices’ and psychological assessments/reports where required. For Worker’s Compensation/Risk Cover/Traffic Accident Insurance, Employer or HR Department covered sessions (either partially or fully covered), it is ESSENTIAL that you provide all formal paperwork and APPROVAL from your paying agency via email before proceeding with booking an appointment at our clinic. In these cases we require confirmation of your Claim No, Caseworker details, allocated sessions and any requested reports. For conviction related cases, these are independently funded by yourself. For criminal injuries compensation applications a large portion of your Psychological Report fees may be pre-claimed from your compensation amount via an Interim Payment of $2250 by CIC (if eligible). Positive outcomes are often reported by clients and agencies utilising our Psychological Assessment and Report Services for these purposes.

Criminal Injury Compensation of W.A for Victims of Crime (CIC)

Our Psychologist specialises in providing Independent Psychological Evaluations and Reports for the purposes of ‘Criminal Injury Compensation Claims’ through The WA Government Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme. The assessment process involves a 2 hour structured interview in conjunction to Psychometric Testing Measures to determine the impact of the criminal event(s) and whether it meets the criteria for a criminal injury application as stipulated under the Criminal Compensation Act (2003). This scheme is set up for ‘Victims of Crime’ and is a relatively simple process which does not generally require legal representation. Support on how to do this is provided during the sessions where required. Whilst CIC advises that these claims can generally be made even if the perpetrator/s has not been found, charged or is deceased, the crime must be reported to police prior to your application. Whilst clients generally pay for our assessment and report services themselves (given these are not covered by external agencies) and receive this amount back as part of their claim, CIC do offer an interim payment of $2250 to be paid directly to us for most cases so patients can gain immediate assistance with the cost of Psychological Reports in order to settle your claim. Additionally, in some cases our clinic will allow (where financial strain is considerable) payment to be made upon the settlement of your claim (and only if there is a high chance of success). Cases considered for Criminal Injury Compensation Applications include physical assault, domestic violence, sexual assault or sexual abuse in childhood. Whilst CIC generally only considers claims made within three (3) years of the incident date, they can however make exceptions where there is a good reason for not making a claim at the time of the incident ie: you were a minor at the time of the traumatic injury, you could not afford a psychological report at the time or the perpetrator is deceased and safety issues have now minimised.

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The Australian Insurance Commission (Third Party)

Our Psychologist regularly assists with Psychological Assessments, Reports, Pain Management &/or providing Psychologically Based Strategies for those whom have experienced ‘post-trauma’ following a Motor Vehicle Accident or Injury at their Workplace. Whilst most injuries (Physical or Psychological) naturally heal over the medium to long term, psychological intervention is often required in order for the client to fully recover and return to a relatively normal functioning life. Some clients however may have experienced significant physical or psychological injuries which require more ongoing support by our Psychologist. In these cases a combination of multiple compatible treatments (by local allied health specialists) are generally recommended and tailored to meet the need of each individual case. These strategies have proven to lessen the risk of large financial claims being made by clients over the long term for agencies.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Where external agencies cover the fees for our services, FORMAL APPROVAL (via email, paperwork, phone contact etc) is required by your referral agency before appointments can be made. Details including your case or claim number, caseworker/GP contact details and referral agency providing funding for these sessions is required.

The Family or Criminal Court of W.A

Often our Psychologist provide ‘Independent Psychological Assessments and Reports’ to individuals whom have been charged with a crime or for those whom have been ‘unable to access contact with their young children’ following spousal or marriage separation. Psychometric testing measures are also conducted during these assessments which often support each case report. The reports can be particularly helpful in assisting the criminal court to gain an understanding of a client’s mental health history or the family court to identify the need for child contact orders to take place. If Formal Mediation (Government or Private) has been attempted by a Family Dispute Resolution Service (FDR) unsuccessfully following marriage separation and they have provided you with an ‘FDR Certificate’, you can begin an application with the Family Court of W.A. It is recommended that a lawyer be instigated prior to contacting our service to book these psychological assessment appointments. Generally a 2 hour session is required for this process which includes the implementation of psychometric testing measures. Reports are an additional cost and generally take 3-6 to weeks to complete. See ‘Fees Section’ on our Home Page. Clients pay for these services independently as these are not generally covered by external agencies.

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Recommended Private FDR Services where no wait lists occur but full fees are charged:

Department for Immigration W.A Cases

Our Psychologists also specialise in providing independent psychological evaluations for the purposes of legal immigration cases. For instance: ‘Partner Visa Applications’ where spousal relationships have ‘broken down’ and family violence may have occurred and the Migration Regulations Act (1994) stipulates that ‘exceptions apply’ where a party involved in a ‘Partner Visa Application’ has experienced ‘Domestic Violence’ during their relationship. The Act provides for the ‘grant of permanent residence to victims of family violence, notwithstanding the breakdown of the spouse or de facto relationship on which their migration status depends’. A Migration Lawyer is generally recommended to instigate these applications prior to booking an appointment for psychological evaluations, assessments and reports. Clients pay for these independently as these are not covered by external agencies.

Alternatively, if you have immigrated temporarily or permanently and have faced charges, a conviction or deportation a psychological assessment can be carried out at your facility and a report provided. Please note travel expenses at the normal hourly rate apply and clients pay for these independently as these are not covered by external agencies.

See the following Link for further information:–the_family_violence_exception.pdf