BSc (Psych.), BPsych, MAPS - Curtin University of W.A

BSc (Psych.), BPsych – Curtin University of W.A

Nicole Loseby (Principal Senior Psychologist)

BSc (Psych.), BPsych, MAPS.

Provider No 4487938J (Fremantle)
Working With Children Check (WCC)

Nicole is a fully registered psychologist and has been working within her own private practice for 20 years. She predominantly sees clients attending for the following:
• General Counselling following an Interpersonal Challenge, Relationship Issue or the Loss of a Loved one

• Patients referred by their GPs, Psychiatrist or other Allied Medical Professional under Mental Health Care Plans to gain psychological treatment for a temporary, prolonged or chronic Mental Health Condition

• Those seeking a Neuro Diverse Assessment (Autism, ADD or ADHD).

• Self-Referred clients who wish to claim a Rebate from their Private Health Fund or those seeking Anonymity

• Employees facing physical &/or psychological distress following a Workplace Incident (Bullying, Discrimination etc) or Accident
• The General Public for Life Coaching

• Business Owners or Managers seeking Professional/Life Coaching to improve their interpersonal skills and achieve their professional goals

• High profile or Corporate clients who are seeking Confidential Support or Life Coaching

• Health Practitioners seeking Professional Supervision, Counselling, Psychotherapy or Life Coaching

• Health Practitioners who have received a public complaint and as a result are required by the Australian Health Practitioner Registration Agency (AHPRA) to undergo Professional Supervision in order to address any non-compliance issues and improve their skills under their specific professional guidelines

• Those who have experienced a Motor Vehicle Accident and claiming Psychological Services via their Insurer and may require a Psychological Report & Treatment Plan for a pending legal case

• Those who are/have been the victim of Domestic Violence within their intimate relationship and wish to make a Criminal Injuries Compensation Claim or those under a Spousal Partner Visa who require a Psychological Assessment & Report to gain an exemption to remain in Australia as a Permanent Resident

• Those who have been the Victim of a Violent Crime and require a Psychological Assessment & Report for a Criminal Injuries Compensation Claim

• Those who have been charged with a Crime and require a Psychological Report for Legal Purposes in order to potentially reduce their community or prison sentence

• Employers seeking ‘Fitness to Work Psychological Assessments’ for staff who may be unable to fulfil, undertake or perform their essential duties at work under their Job Description as a result of a potential Mental Health Condition.

Nicole has a dedicated, friendly, natural, positive, empathetic, respectful and professional approach when assisting clients along their therapeutic journey which is evident from her large client base and repeated referrals from local and national agencies. Nicole has developed extensive experience and therapeutic success in counselling children, adolescents, adults and couples from a diverse range of backgrounds at her residential private practice. Whilst Nicole utilises a range of Psychological Evidence Based Treatment modalities, her training, knowledge and background encompasses a more Humanistic, Client Centred, Solution Focussed therapeutic style. Her success is likely the result of ongoing personal and professional development which she continues to update enthusiastically on an regular basis.

Nicole is passionate in dealing with most human conditions including relationships, family and parenting challenges, common life changes, self esteem development, anxiety, depression, workplace conflict, loss & grief, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), sexual/verbal/physical abuse in childhood, chronic illness, bereavement, pain management, eating disorders, addictions, anger management and sexuality issues. Nicole also includes referrals to a variety of specialised community health services when required which compliments her therapeutic style.

Specifically, Nicole has a dedicated interest in improving relationships particularly to avoid family breakdown. On the contrary, Nicole successfully assists couples to achieve their own family mission statement which enables them to gain empowerment, enjoy their parenting roles and eachother. Nicole provides a natural and trusting environment, which allows each individual to keep their integrity intact and inevitably ensures safety during the psychological process. Nicole incorporates a diverse range of successful psycho-therapeutic techniques which have been proven to address natural developmental life stages, psychological challenges or those individuals who feel ‘stuck’. Predominantly she assists each individual tools to develop, grow, achieve their highest potential and succeed in attaining their future individual or family goals.

Her Counselling & Psychological expertise extends across a broad range of issues and she has completed additional professional training in the following areas:

* Psychotherapy

* Psycho-education (including motivational interviewing)

* Behavioural interventions

* Life & Business Coaching

* Relationship Mediation

* Family therapy and family-based interventions

* Medico Legal Assessments and Reports

* Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

* Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT)

* Risk Assessment

* Report Writing

* Critical Incident Response

* Triple P Positive Parenting Program

* 123 Magic Parenting Program

* Emotion-focused therapy (EFT)

* Eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing (EMDR)

* Exposure techniques

* Interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT)

* Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT)

* Narrative therapy

* Play Therapy (children)

* Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

* Psycho Education

* Schema-focused Therapy

* Solution-focused Brief Therapy (SFBT)

* Behaviour modification

* Relaxation strategies

* Progressive muscle relaxation

* Controlled breathing

* Skills training

* Problem solving skills

* Social skills training

* Communication training

* Stress management

* Interpersonal therapy

Nicole is registered with the Psychologists Board of Australia and a member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS).

Nicole is eligible for Medicare and Private Health Rebates

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Nicole Loseby (Principal Psychologist) – Bio & Full Working History as a Psychologist & Counsellor

1. In the year 2000, following the completion of her 2nd year of her Under-Graduate Degree in Psychology at Curtin University (Bachelor of Science), Nicole gained a part-time position as a ‘University Research Assistant’ for the ‘Aussie Optimism Project’, working as part of a dedicated team, which included visiting multiple Perth State High Schools to deliver the program to teenage students, implementing a range of psychometric assessments (including The Teenage Depression Scale – TDS), questionnaires and surveys to students, collecting and examining quantitative data for research and subsequently recommending local treatment services to those teens who indicated heightened ‘psychological distress’ scores. The role included direct public contact, establishing and developing positive relationships with teens and parents whilst collaborating with Curtin Psychology Professors for the purpose of scientific psychological research, data collection and journal publishing.

2. In 2002, during the her final year of her Under-Graduate Degree in Psychology at Curtin University (Bachelor of Science), Nicole underwent specialised mental health safety training and began volunteering for The Crisis Care Unit as a Field Officer for The Department for Child Protection (DCP) which led to securing a part-time paid position which she held for 10 years. The role included working within a large team environment providing after hours home visits to families who required child safety assessments, providing financial support, accommodation vehicle transfers and counselling support for those children whom had been placed in the care of the state. This role also included providing the homeless community and those parents who were escaping domestic violence relationships with hostel and emergency accommodation arrangements and Financial Support whilst providing Counselling, Resources and Advice to the general public who contacted The Family Helpline, The Women’s Domestic Violence Line, the After-Hours Parenting Line and the After-Hours Carer’s Support Line.

3. Twenty (20) years ago (in 2003) and prior to completing her first Semester of her Post Graduate Degree at Curtin University (Bachelor of Psychology – Honours), Nicole (whilst studying for her mid-term exams and unable to process any further information) she began procrastinating an as such decided to draft up a solid Resume in order to apply for multiple Psychological and Mental Health positions (12) on SEEK with the intent ‘not to be competing’ with the vast amount of Psychology students graduating at the end of the year from multiple Perth Universities. Whilst she did not expect anything to come of this and hence returned back to her exam study, she was able to secure nine (9) mental health job interviews following this process. As a result, she had the opportunity and autonomy to choose the best and most interesting of the Psychological roles within the mental health industry at that time. As a result, she chose and successfully gained a Consultancy Position for PACT Forensic & Corporate Psychological Services in West Perth which also resulted in her starting her own Private Practice. The Consulting position included a variety of extensive roles such as visiting local prisons, interviewing sex offenders in prison or within the community and providing ‘Independent Psychological Assessments & Reports’ to the Perth District Courts for Corrective Justice Services’ (CJS) clients whom required community or prison based treatment program recommendations to address their psychological challenges which led to their conviction/s. Additionally, whilst consulting for PACT, Nicole was required to provide Corporate Psychological and Counselling Services to a large group of Employee Assistance Provider (EAP) clients (predominantly law and accountancy firms) for their staff and families in conjunction to being co-facilitator of the ‘Retire Ready Program’. PACT Forensic & Corporate Psychological Services has since evolved into PACT Psychological Services and The Perth Psychology Collective. Whilst PACT Founder Clinical & Forensic Psychologist Kirstin Bouse (whom provided Clinical Supervision to Nicole following her Psychology Registration in 2004) still provides Forensic, Clinical & Psychological Services to the Perth Community, she has also developed a valued reputation as an Expert Psychologist & Media Personality to a number of local Perth & National news, media & radio programs such as Channel 10 News, Today Tonight, WA Today, The West Australian, ABC 720, 96fm, Curtin FM, Essential Baby, Kidspot, Practical Parenting, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Daily Mail, Daily Life, Body and Soul and The Project. Kirsten also runs the Centre for Perinatal Psychology offering regular health, yoga, breathwork and psychological retreats for women and new mothers. Kirstin is also author of The Conscious Mother.

4. During her Consultancy with PACT, Nicole’s also gained an additional Consultancy Contract role with Converge International as an Associate Psychologist working with the Critical Incident Management Team. Founded in 1960, Converge has a long history as a trusted provider of health and wellbeing services to Australian, New Zealand and global organisations across all industries and sizes. Her role predominantly involved providing after hours ‘Critical Incident Debriefing and Psychological Support’ to a wide variety of Corporate, Health and Government agencies for individuals and corporate teams following incidents where staff may have been exposed to a workplace accident, emergency, trauma or work-related issue. This role included collaboration with Agency Managers and HR Personnel to discuss relevant & expected psychological outcomes whilst screening those staff who may be considered vulnerable as a direct result of the Critical Incident experience or displayed previous mental health challenges which ultimately impact their ability to cope with the Critical Incident. Nicole also completed a similar EAP role to PACT within a counselling & mediation role by supporting staff and their families for a large range of local W.A Private and Public based corporations. It was during this consultancy that Nicole began her formalised Clinical Supervision with Dr Carol Deppe (Clinical Psychologist) prior to her retirement in order to become a fully registered Psychologist.

5. Given her level of experience working for the After Hours Parenting Line at DCP, Nicole was offered a secondment role as a Parenting Consultant for The Department for Community Development (DCD) – Parenting W.A in Mount Lawley for 3 years which involved the provision of counselling, support or information to parents seeking advice, library materials or referral services in conjunction to becoming a trained facilitator in order to implement and deliver the Triple P Program and 123 Magic Program to parents experiencing child behaviour challenges.

6. During this period Nicole was also offered a Secondment Role at Anglicare in East Perth for 2 years as a Co-facilitator of the “Changing Tracks Program” (Anger Management for Men).

7. Following this time, Nicole began a career working as a Duty/On Call Counsellor for The Sexual Assault Resource Centre (SARC) in the Subiaco & Rockingham Clinics for those who had experienced Child Sexual Abuse or a Sexual Assault (16 yrs – Elderly). This included becoming the Allocations Officer (Mental Health Screening) to the offsite clinics, Liaison/Referral Officer, After Hours Emergency SA Support Worker (Forensic support to clients whilst undergoing police investigations & medical specialist DNA physical assessments), as a Field Officer, Counsellor and Staff Trainer.

8. Nicole gained a Private Contractor position at The South Coastal Women’s Health Service for 1 year in Rockingham working as a Children’s Counsellor/Group Facilitator for the Child Protective Behaviours Program for ‘Acute at Risk’ Children of sexual abuse, as an Art/Play Therapist, being responsible for the delivery of the Triple P – Positive Parenting Program to parents.

9. Following this period Nicole gained a role with The ORS Group as a Registered Psychologist, Rehabilitation Consultant and Private Contractor for 3 years at the Northbridge, Fremantle and Armadale sites which included providing counselling, resources, referrals, psychological treatment and assessments which included the implementation of psychometric testing measures for the long term unemployed or those who had experienced trauma which had impacted their ability to sustain ongoing employment. Nicole also provided detailed psychological reports to Centrelink to ensure eligible clients received short or medium term exemptions as a result of their situations requiring recovery.

10. Over the course of her career for the last twenty (20) years, Nicole has also been The Principal Psychologist of South Perth Counselling & Psychological Services for her South Perth, Applecross and Willetton Clinics. Over the course of this long-term role, Nicole has successfully provided counselling and psychological treatment services to the general public on a range of interpersonal, mental health conditions and normal life challenges (5yrs – Elderly). Additionally she has provided resources, information or referrals to clients as required. Nicole has developed a valued reputation within the Medical & Mental Health Industry receiving consistent patient referrals under Mental Health Care Plans from an extensive range of Perth, W.A & Nationally based GPs and Psychiatrists, and with the implementation of Psychometric Testing Measures for the purpose of providing adequate evidence based Psychological Treatment or Psychological Medico – Legal Assessments & Reports to those who have experienced Workplace or Motor Vehicle Traffic Injuries, Criminal Injuries from a member of the public for the purpose of Compensation, for those facing court convictions, imprisonment or have experienced Domestic Violence relationships whilst under a Partner Visa. In addition to this, Nicole has been providing Art/Play Therapy to young children (who have experienced trauma, present with behavioural issues or psychological conditions), counselling to teens for a range of atypical adolescent issues whilst incorporating the Triple P Parenting Program Strategies with parents (who are seeking to enhance & improve their parenting styles), provided supervision to Psychologists, Counsellors & Chaplains in conjunction to providing Life Coaching Sessions to corporate professional clients and students both Locally & Nationally. Nicole has also provided EAP services to a range of local medical and community agencies for staff and their families. During this time, she has established and maintained a highly successful Psychology Practice within a range of health care, medical clinics and private buildings employing a considerable amount of administration/receptionist staff, psychologists and counsellors to support the clinic services. Whilst running her Applecross Psychology Clinic from 2013-2018, she also leased out several of her additional clinic offices to a range of medical and allied health professionals which included Counsellors, Social Workers, Occupational Therapists, Audiologists, Psychologists and Psychiatrists. In 2018 (pre-covid), Nicole made the decision to run South Perth Counselling & Psychology Clinic Services from her residential property which has proven further successful.


Lisa is a highly skilled Admin Assistant & Practice Manager to Nicole resulting from an extensive employment history within the Mental Health Industry. She works from her home residence remotely, providing email, telephone, online assistance, support and referrals to patients, families, GPs, legal teams, employers and insurers seeking information regarding the Psychological Services we provide at our clinic, screening processes in place and how to book appointments online. She also provides resources to patients, updates our website regularly and edits Nicole’s Medico-Legal Psychological Reports so that these are prepared in time for strict court dates, lawyers, insurers and compensation agencies as required. She ensures that all psychological material and resources provided to patients is the latest evidence based information under The Australian Psychological Society, is from highly reputable agencies and that our processes, forms, policies and treatment practices follow the APS Code of Ethics (2010) & Ethical Guidelines (2018) as required. Lisa also ensures that all documents, forms and referrals to external agencies provided to patients are all up to date in order to provide the best possible care to patients and clients seeking treatment at our clinic or externally.