BSc (Psych.), BPsych - Curtin University of W.A

BSc (Psych.), BPsych – Curtin University of W.A

Nicole Loseby (Principal Psychologist)

BSc (Psych.), BPsych, MAPS.

Working With Children Check (WWC)

Nicole is a fully registered psychologist and has been working within her own private practice for 20 years. Nicole has a dedicated, friendly, natural, positive, respectful and professional approach when assisting clients along their therapeutic journey which is evident from her large client base. Nicole has developed extensive experience and therapeutic success in counselling children, adolescents, adults and couples from a diverse range of backgrounds at her residential private practice. Her success is likely the result of ongoing personal and professional development which she continues to update enthusiastically on an regular basis.

Nicole is passionate in dealing with most human conditions including relationships, family and parenting challenges, common life changes, self esteem development, anxiety, depression, workplace conflict, loss & grief, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), sexual/verbal/physical abuse in childhood, chronic illness, bereavement, pain management, eating disorders, addictions, anger management and sexuality issues. Nicole also includes referrals to a variety of specialised community health services when required which compliments her therapeutic style.

Specifically, Nicole has a dedicated interest in improving relationships particularly to avoid family breakdown. On the contrary, Nicole successfully assists couples to achieve their own family mission statement which enables them to gain empowerment, enjoy their parenting and eachother. Nicole provides a natural and trusting environment, which allows each individual to keep their integrity intact and inevitably ensures safety during the psychological process. Nicole incorporates a diverse range of successful psycho-therapeutic techniques which have been proven to address natural developmental life stages, psychological challenges or those individuals who feel ‘stuck’. Predominantly she assists each individual tools to develop, grow, achieve their highest potential and succeed in attaining their future individual or family goals.

Her counselling expertise extends across a broad range of issues and she has completed additional professional training in the following areas:

* Psychotherapy

* Life & Business Coaching

* Family or Relationship Mediation

* Medico Legal Assessments and Reports

* Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

* Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT)

* Risk Assessment

* Critical Incident Response

* Triple P Positive Parenting Program

* 123 Magic Parenting Program

Nicole is registered with the Psychologists Board of Australia and a member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS).

Nicole is eligible for Medicare and Private Health Rebates


BSc Psych.Grad Dip Educ. Phd Phil. MAPS
Fluent in Japanese

Anne Becker (Qualified Counsellor)

BSc Psych.Grad Dip Educ. Phd Phil. MAPS

Fluent in Japanese

Working With Children Check (WWC)

Anne has a broad range of counselling and psychological skills as a result of working extensively with adults, teenagers and children in her past roles within a therapeutic, mentorship and supportive environment. Her gentle, calm, confident and compassionate demeanour assists clients to work through the psychotherapuetic process safely and at their own pace, empowering themselves yet leaving each session with considerable tools to assist and improve their situation. Anne has exceptional listening skills and a natural ability to understand human behaviour which ensures clients feels safe. Anne has a particularly strong ability in working with teens, young adults and parents. Anne has extensive nationwide Qualifications, Diploma’s and Accreditations from a wide variety of Universities which have included Distance Education, Advocacy, Mentoring young girls and her students to build self-worth and confidence in order to lead successful lives within the community which included common issues such as enhancing peer and family relationships, body image, leadership and making positive choices. Whilst Anne assists with a broad range of psychological and life challenges she has a special gift in working with adults and children who have experienced trauma and grief. Specifically her current goal is to combine her counselling practice with a part time role as an Educational Psychologist within local private and public schools.